The most annoying things about traveling

Presumably every single one of us enjoys the idea of traveling around the world, meeting different people, tapping into different cultures and seeing new spectacular sites around the world. Some even believe that traveling is necessary in order to live a fulfilled life. But we can all come to an agreement that due to innovation and globalization, traveling has changed in a more than a few ways for the better or worse. So we composed a list on some of the most obnoxious things we hate or tend to ignore whiles traveling.

Bringing our entire closet
Over packing is one of those rookie mistakes that we keep on repeating time and time again. We often pack clothes that we’ll never even get a chance to wear on our 7 day trip, chances are you’re not going to be needing that one shirt you bought 3 years ago and only worn it on one occasion. A good way around this problem is to pack ½ of the things you initially think you will need.

Spend more time on airports than on plane
If you’re traveling far abroad, chances are you’ll be catching more than one flight to your desired destination. And there is no greater ordeal than airport check-ins, luggage weighing and those long boarding lines, not to mention the overpriced foods and drinks at the airport.

Airplane Food
This goes without saying airplane food is awful and it just keeps on getting worse. Even worse, we keep on complaining about the food, knowing about the quality of the meals prior. Chances are if you’re flying economy class, you’re onboard meal won’t be a 5 start meal and you might even pay extra if you even stick to peanuts and drinks.

Wasting time
One of the most common mistakes we make whiles traveling is waste our time doing nothing. We often get caught up in things such as: getting ready for the beach, choosing what outfit to wear, oversleeping or just plain spend our time sitting in our hotel room doing nothing.

Staying in our comfort zone
People like to stay in their comfort zone even when their traveling to new locations and that’s not really a bad thing if it provides more entertainment for your trip, but in most cases it’s frankly the opposite. We spent months of planning, preparing and saving in order to travel and do the same basic activities and eat the same food that we’re used to back at home. Next time you go on a trip, be sure to try something new and different, as it will bring a lot more excitement and joy into your trip.

What To Do In Chicago?

Chicago started as a small trading post but it has boomed into a global center of culture and commerce. Chicago has always been driven by an unshakable optimism. The fire incident in 1871 destroyed half the city. The city seized this opportunity to reinvent itself. Recently, some friends of mine from CDM Waste Management visited Chicago and took in all that there is to see and do in the beautiful northwestern US city. What followed was the biggest building boom in the country’s history. This Windy City has a skyline that is beyond beautiful. Here are the top must see attractions in Chicago, Illinois.

The Loop
Start your tour of the city at the Loop. It is Chicago’s central business district. The streets within this place showcase different architecture from around the world. From the cloud piercing towers to the first high rises in the world. Willis Tower was the tallest building in the world for almost 25 years. There is a historic theater district and an amazing outdoor sculpture which makes this place feel like a cross between a film set and a museum.

You can take a ride to the Skydeck but you might feel the building sway a bit in a windy day. You don’t have to panic about this because the building was designed that way. Here you can get a wonderful view of this beautiful city.

The Magnificent Mile
The Magnificent Mile runs north from the Loop. Here you can even gaze up at more wonderful attractions from the School of Architecture. There are upscale boutiques around the Magnificent Mile where you can shop. When it is time to refuel, grab a taste of one of Chicago’s favorite – a deep dish pizza.

The Riverwalk
Winding between the canyons of steel and glass and following the South Bank of Chicago River, the Riverwalk offers you a relaxing change of pace from the bustle of downtown.

Millennium Park
The Millennium Park used to be the site of car parks and railway yards, it had now been transformed into what is now known as the ‘future of parks’. At the centerpiece of the Millennium Park are the BP Footbridge and Jay Pritzker Pavilion designed by Frank Gehry. There are also some public sculptures here including the Cloud Gate, a stainless steel archway also known as ‘the Bean’.

The Art Institute of Chicago
The unique thing about this place is that its exterior is a work of art in itself. Set a day aside to explore this treasure house of Asian, American, and European masterpieces.

The Garfield Park Conservatory
This is most couple’s first date favorite and an inner city haven for nature lovers. Nearby is the Oak Park where you can step inside the home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright. He pioneered a new architectural vision for the US for up to 20 years here.

Unity Temple
The Unity Temple was completed in 1908 and it is widely known as the first modern building in the world.

Chicago truly lights up as the sun sets but don’t go to bed early because this city offers the best theater, blues, and jazz in America. Regardless of how windy the city maybe you will take away memories that will last you a lifetime.